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  Sand Base AAC Blocks  
The combination of fire resistance, thermal efficiency, cost effectiveness and enviornmental qualities of Sand Base AAC cannot be surpassed by any other building product. Construction demands are ever systems to be versatile, efficient and cost effective. Sand Base AAC offers this in a variety of systems that can be utilized in many applications. They are significant number of block products in a multitude of combinations of thickness, height, length and strength class.

They are processed with cement and a rising agent to provide a building material with a large number of aire pores - aerated concrete. And it is precisely these pores, in addition to the solid structure of calcium silicate hydrates, which give AAC its exceptional product properties like fire resistant/non-combustible, superior thermal insulation, excellent acoustic insulation, lightweight, termite and pest resistant, ease of workability and handling, universal application, non-energenic and efficient construction.
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